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. >> at the americas cup, there is supposed to be two races and there was just one. what we saw was full of chills.o we have a report coming up. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university. and this is my home team. this is my large lecture hall. this is my professor. and also my coach. this is my booster club. this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at . >>> continues moments for americas cup. we have more from the americas cup park with the latest on the most dramatic day yet. >> if each day of the louis vuitton cup finals, than the challenger may be spent or borrowing new equipment. the strained start by high wind exceeding the 19 knot limit. they worked a dagger board and once the race began, the dagger board failed them, rendering the race a lost cause. they would not finish. new zealand while completing the course found themselves in a frightening scenario. they were digging int
'm at america's cup park where a challenger has been established at the conclusion of the louis vuitton cup finals, and it's setting up to what should be a very competitive america's cup. we'll fill you in coming up. >>> syria announced today that it will allow u.n. inspectors to inspect the area where people were killed. >> obama we need your help! >> reporter: outside the white house, demonstrators called on president obama to halt the bloodshed in syria. u.s. officials say there's little doubt chemical weapons were used last week in an attack that killed hundreds, leaving the president to consider plans for a possible military strike. >> we are prered to exercise whatever option, if he decides to employ one of those options. >> reporter: as the white house spent the weekend lining up support from other world power, syria finally agreed to let u.n. inspectors see the attack site on monday. the area has been shelved for the last five day, likely destroying evidence. >> i think we will respond in a surge callaway. >> reporter: though some are calls for action, few want boots on the ground.
much. >>> and coming up, a south bay act tries to prove to america it has talent. >>> tonight, on "america's got talent," the stage was transformed into a synthetic ice rink. >> on that stage, two employees of great america and four other skaters, brought the audience to its feet. ♪ that's good. they called it a thrilling act. aerial ice. it's a mix of skating, dance and aerial acrobatics. one of the judges described it as dangerous but graceful. we'll find out tomorrow if they move on to the next round. and you can watch "america's got talent." >>> a boy injured in the boston marathon bombings gets another treat this week. the 49ers invited aaron and his family to training camp. he got his picture taken with patrick willis. his father is a football coach in high school. in four months, they've been guests of the oakland a's and the golden state warriors. >>> we'll be right back with sports. >>> hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman. tonight, the a's were hosting the houston astros, losers of 31 of the last 38, and 10 of 11 against oakland this year. but the rangers losing earlier
america. >> reporter: gay cobb wanted to be a participant of that new america. she was a young new yorker who set out on a bus ride to washington d.c. to hear dr. martin luther king jr. speak. >> this was the poster that we received from the march. >> reporter: now a ceo of the oakland private industry counsel, she is now looking back on that speech 50 years later. >> but to be part of that generation and to have observed the changes in america since then is just profoundly humbling. >> reporter: humbling because she can look back on her life in the '50s and '60s. she remembers she had no other choice but to ride in the back of the bus a recall the colored only signs at restaurants and stores. the i have a dream speech for her brought about hope for the future. >> we were all in it. you know, we were all in it. we could see brothers and sisters in the south, very, very brave young people who were willing, literally and did put their lives on the line. so we felt this was the least we could do. >> reporter: cynthia taylor is an assistant professor of religion and history. she wrote a book
. >> well, in a moment, ann. in a moment. [ laughter ] i still love you, america, i do, but you've hurt my feelings very, very much. [ laughter ] >> father? hello, father. >> hello, tag. >> i'm so very angry, father. i wish i could punch america in the face. i do, i tell you. [ laughter ] >> well, now, now. it's not a time for anger, tag. >> so what's next for
one again, that america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. >> reporter: the president admitted that edward snowden's actions sparked the review but said snowden is no patriot and should turn himself in to face prosecution for espionage. we also learned today president obama met behind closed doors with some of the biggest names in the tech world. that meeting happened yesterday. apple ceo tim cook, at&t ceo randall stevenson, and a google executive were a few people at the meeting. civil liberty leaders were also on hand. "politico's" reporting that the focus was on government surveillance. it was the second meeting of its kind this week centered around the controversy surrounding the nsa. >>> samsung has infringed on apple's patents. that's the ruling today from the international trade commission. the commission foubds that apple infringed on samsung's tech nalged -- technology tracked finger movements on devices. samsung is expected to appeal. many while, older samsung mobile devices could face a sales and import ban here in the u.s. >>> a silent epidemic. that's wha
. >> reporter: sugary drinks in america is a problem when it comes to tightening the belts of americans. according to one parent -- >> it's not necessarily the government's role to tell us what we can and can't drink. i did think it's a parent's role. >> there's more important stuff on these streets to be able to deal with, that they should be dealing with. budget cut, people losing money, being homeless. >> reporter: and crime. council members say crime should be the number-one priority. kholera says he's worried but crime but is also worried about health issues. this issue is far from becoming reality. it goes before the rules committee on wednesday. reporting live in san jose, cheryl hurd. >> thank you. >>> new details on the efforts to legislate healthier diet have fallen flat. san jose's moratorium on new fast food stores, they never gained enough support to pass. last year richmond tried to get a tax approved on sugary drinks. that didn't happen. in new york, the mayor's law banning restaurants from serving large servings of soda was struck down by the court. >>> byow, bring your
drama on the bay. we'll take you to the america's cup and show you the problems on the water. >>> he's refusing to resign, the voters are taking action. >> stand up for humanity. a very simple call. >> a call for peace in egypt from the bay area. we'll show you what dozens of protesters are asking of the u.s. government. ♪ ♪ looks like you started to make something. ♪ oh, a green! ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] cheerios. with flavors your heart will love. >>> we have new video into our newsroom from indonesia. officials say about 30 inmates escaped after a riot broke out in the western part of that country. it began with a group of inmates staged a protest. the head of the prison told local media they assaulted a prison officer and set fire to the prison. the prison has a capacity of 300 inmates but is believed to be holding about 800. this is the third jailbreak in indonesia this year. >>> egypt remains on edge tonight after days of bloody protests ahead the military says further violence will not be tolerated. clashes have left nearly 900 people dead. egyptian officials say tod
. and that's causing delays. the airlines affected at sfo are american, jetblue, virgin america and alaska airlines. at san jose, it's jetblue and alaska. we have calls out to oakland airport to see if airlines are affected there. we haven't received a response yet. hawaiian airline is also reporting problems tonight. right now, there's no indication when the system will be back up and running. >>> also new at 11:00, tragedy in okinawa, japan. smoke could be seen rising from the area where a u.s. military hospital crashed. the crash site is on a marine base. three men were rescued. one member of that crew is still missing tonight. no word on what caused the crash. investigators say no one on the ground was injured. >>> also at 11:00, gunfire at a council meeting in pennsylvania. tonight, three people are dead and three others are injured. this happened in ross township, about 85 miles north of philadelphia. a gunman blasted through a wall before a local official tackled him and shot the suspect with his own gun. the alleged gunman survived and is in custody tonight. investigators say he ap
was hurt. >>> passengers on a virgin america flight made an unexpected stop in san jose. the plane was flying from boston to san francisco. but was diverted for fuel reasons. you see the airplane there. because of fog delays in sfo, the virgin flight might not have had enough fuel to circle sfo. as a precaution, the pilots landed in san jose, fueled up and took off for sfo. >> a tragic end for a 41-year-old oakland man vacationing in maui. he drowned while snorkeling. he was found near the black rock area. he was last seen yesterday afternoon. his friends reported him missing 48 hours later. rescue divers found his body yesterday morning. >>> crews from san mateo and santa cruz county are parts of reinforcements to fight the wildfire. the silver fire has burned 11,000 acres since yesterday. this is 20 miles west of palm spring in banning. 2,000 families have been evacuated from their home. and 30 homes have been damaged or completely destroyed. senator barbara boxer who lives in riverside county toured the area today. she says climate change is causing conditions for more disastrou
not injured either. >> high emotions. san francisco bay. america's cup during louis vuitton semifinals. the story of the swedish team that touched many with their competitive spirit. full of drama. a penalty at start. start of the day's difficulties. three penalties for the swedish team. keeps improving with the win. and final. hats off to racing and returning to compete to honor andrew simpson who died in training in may. emotional all around. outpouring of support from fans. around the course. felt by the skipper and crew. they cross the line. >> very jelling. turned night it. we became, obviously close as a team. one thing is for sure. it is a team that will be strong in the future. >> and along with the rest of the team. certainly motivated to return to future competition. >> just extremely proud of it. the team. for putting in the hours. and, people, and every night making sure the boat is staying together. fifth day in the row. racing the boat hard. and is extremely impressive. >> not the last we heard from them. look forward to the cup final. luna rosa has not beat new zee lan z
at the america's cup. >>> why a judge ruled that a baby's name be changed. >>> the illegal operator knows the system. it's the cost of doing business. >> bay area limo companies breaking rules and potentially putting lives at risk. we investigate why they're still on the road. ♪ [ horn honks ] kevin! toaster strudel, yah? ♪ warm, flaky, gooey toaster strudel. faster than kenny can dodge a question. honey, how'd that test go? [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying mmmm. totino's pizza rolls. mmm hmmm. mmmm. [ female announcer ] zero to pizza. pronto. >>> just before headlining outside lands tonight, anthony ketis took time checking out the america's cup boats. he found the boats fascinating and got a firsthand look at the action on the bay yesterday. he got a tour of oracle team usa and got a chance to suit up and check it out. >> i'm a total novice when it comes to this sport. it's all fresh and new and exciting. excuse me while i zip up my breeches here. >> after signing autographs he got to ride along on often umpire boat. they cruise along at
. potential audience is huge with more than 78 million dogs in america. it's called dog tv, and it will feature short videos exclusively catering to the canine attention span that includes a romp in the park, a ride in the car, even a group of zebra is the goal is to keep your best friend company and out of trouble when you are not home. >> leave the tv on for the dog? >> yes. yes. thoroughly entertained. >> a babysitter for the dogs. >> they'll become couch potatoes. look. right there. >> thanks for being with us tonight. >> see you later. good night. [ male announcer ] how do you do a summer clearance the dodge way? first wait till summer. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪ ♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- kate hudson, bob costas, the music of the kopecky family band and "photo booth!" and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause
said the alliance brings together retailers and industry associates from across north america to play a substantial role in improving working conditions for the people of bangladesh's garment industry. but labor groups claim this plan which would create a $42 million fund does not go far enough and does not pay for the renovation and repair of bang la dish factories. some smaller apparel companies make conscious clothing part of their overall mission. we talked to this company's ceo via skype who says it's been a difficult journey but one worth taking. >> we have stood for this for quite a long time. it feels like swimming upstream. because there are not that many companies focused on this. >> reporter: this is only one of the companies that have received fair trade certification. and while it means the tee shirts cost more, at least one shopper says he's willing to pay that price. >> i think it should be something that everybody should do. take a moment just to think about how things are being made and the conditions these people live. >> reporter: i'm die and dwyer, nbc bay area new
, the hottest place in america this week, death valley. 117 degrees. [ cheers ]
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